The trick is to smoke the meat without making the meat smoke

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A two pound top sirloin roast gets cut into cubes.


A "seasoning sachet" is made by taking thyme sprigs, bay leaves, lemon & orange zest and laying them on a sheet of chessecloth. The cheesecloth gets wrapped around the spices & tied shut. The "seasoning sachet" goes into the broth while the stew is cooking & gets removed at the end.


The ingredients for the first round of the stew are out at the grill. We have the beef, the seasoning sachet plus, sliced carrots, diced onions. sliced celery, slivered bacon, flour, coriander, minced garlic, salt, pepper & Belgian white beer.


The Egg has been preheated to 500 degrees. The Dutch oven was preheated on the 500 degree grill for 10 minutes. The bacon slivers have been added to the Dutch oven.


The bacon is done. It gets removed with a slotted spoon so the bacon fat remains behing to flavoer the next round.


The slivered bacon is reserved for now.


The carrots, celery & diced onion are in the Dutch oven where they will saute


The carrots, celery & diced onion are done & are removed and reserved.


The cubed beef is browned on all sides for about 10 minutes.


The beef is done.


Some flour & the minced garlic are added & cook for 1 minute.


The 4 bottles of beer are added slowly as well as the seasoning sachet, the cooked bacon & coriander. I took care of the other 2 beers, and not necessarily slowly. The stew is cooked down for 30 minutes at 500 degrees & then the heat is reduced to 300 degrees & the stew cooks down for another 30 minutes.


The stew after the beer has been cooked down for 60 minutes.


Next 3 cups of water are added and the stew continues to simmer for 30 minutes. Then 3 more cups of water are added and the stew simmers for 15 minutes more. Then 1 cup of water is added & the stew simmers for 15 minutes. The reserved carrots, onions & celery are added back in and the stew cooks for a final 30 minutes.


The stew id done & is ready to head back to the Kitchen where it will receive some finishing touches.


Back in the Kitchen the stew has some butter, peas, chopped chives, lemon & orange juice added.


Time to eat. The stew is served with some Buttermilk Biscuits, which I made on the Egg earlier in the day.


The buttermilk biscuit dough was a little too moist & the biscuits lost their shape while cooking, but they were my best version of these yet.


The finished stew was a revelation. It had many of the flavors you associate with beef stew plus additional flavors from the lemon & orange juice.


This was a very tasty & very hearty meal.

© 2013 Jim Mahoney